Friday, 23 June 2017

things I like lately

Nice, France // part of our honeymoon in 2009 // Kodak Ektachrome E100GX (such a beautiful film!), Canon EOS 500N

- my eight weeks summer vacation stated on Wednesday - YAY! YAY! YAY!
- drinks with my colleagues to celebrate the start of our summer vacation
- sleeping until 1130 am (!) on the first morning of my summer vacation
- a walk around the lake - it has been a while
- yellow irises along the lake
- the interview with Jenny Skavland in the Bra Damer podcast
- the ever inspiring Ingefær podcast
- new green plants; a small monstera, a small pilea and a big philodendron xanadu - all inspired by the visit to Wildernis in Amsterdam (thanks again, F, for the recommendation!)
- pasta with avocado pesto for dinner
- slowly adding more vegetables to my diet and less sweet treats
- ordered a heavy duty blender and the Green Kitchen Stories smoothies book earlier this week - can't wait to start blending!
- Chopin, chamomile tea and my new linen bathrobe on a Friday night

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- feeling very emotional about the fact that Sara only has one week left of kindergarten
- shopping galore - because both kids suddenly grew and need a wardrobe update

Thursday, 22 June 2017

life, week 22

Big milestone: first visit to her school; meeting her teacher and classmates. In August she's a big little first grader.

In a few hours I will have yet another pile of student texts to grade.

Just a quiet moment with some pretty light. Well, that's not correct. Sverre was not exactly quiet as he shouted for a ball from the bathtub - with no water - in the bathroom behind me.

Busy drawing whales. One of the pretty random words he has learnt recently.

The first cup of the day is always my favorite. Even though I drink it in the busyness of making the kids' lunch boxes, feeding them breakfast and reminding Sølve that it is morning and he has to get up.

weekend mornings like this

never ending weekend work // no rest for the wicked // #thelifeofateacher

Project I quit sweet treats is on hold until life slows down (meaning: until my summer vacation starts), but at least I'm keeping this little heathy habit alive: bringing this box (this one from Sistema) filled with fruit, vegetables and nuts for lunch every day.

rododendron galore and I love it

weekend work routine: one hour of work, then a short lap around campus to clear my head and get fresh air // repeat all day long // #thelifeofateacher

this is (nearly) the end #thelifeofateacher

Just as I packed my things and got ready to leave the basement of the University library, the sun found its way down there. It made me happy.

- - - 

Week 22: May 29 - June 4

Friday, 16 June 2017

things I like lately

strawberries from the 2010 film archives // Kodak Portra 160vc, Canon EOS 500N

- I passed my exam! (with a grade much better than I dreamed of)
- rododendron galore
- a stroke of luck when Sara and Sverre decided to play peacefully (yet loudly) on the trampoline whilst I mowed the entire lawn
- this photo
- creme cheese, salami and red apple on whole grain bread
- learning that these three dots ... in written language actually have a name; ellipsis (nerdy emoji)
- listening to Sverre talking through the babymonitor before he falls asleep
- season four of Skam - and finally having time to watch it
- zero-waste produce storage
- 129 tips til en grønnere hverdag med mindre avfall
- browse my cookbook shelf (via love and lemons)
- Sverre has started saying "løye" (the dialect word for "funny") and it's quite adoring. He is also very much into saying "no", which is not that adoring
- the first Norwegian strawberries of the season - shared with my little man, Sverre, who wolfed them down in no time

- - -

Things I like lately

-  busy, busy days means I have cooked very, very little lately and eaten way too bad (i.e. heaps of sweets and carbs and hardly any vegetables)
- lumbago - it has been about 1,5 year since the last time I had it and it's just as painful this time. I guess I should work on strengthening my back to avoid this from happening again.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

life, week 21

Sneaking past this scene and counting on him to fix it while I clock a few extra hours of afternoon grading at Uni. #thelifeofateacher

wildflowers in evening light // post grading happiness 

kale blossoms, law mowing and evening slug extinction duty // not thrilled about finding slugs on the kale though // what to do with blossoming kale anyway?

How about the blooming rhubarb then? Need to google it.

happy lines

Tuesday afternoon // parenting by iPad

Planning on putting vegetables back in our diet after the grading galore is done.

She organised the things she wanted to bring to Sweden and then asked for the iPad so she could take a photo of it. That's my daughter!

kindergarten tan

I will not be surprised if he wants to play football when he gets older.

- - - 

Week 21: May 22-28

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

a wedding weekend in Sweden

The last weekend of May we said hei to the sweet summer feeling of sun, warmth and refreshing sea baths on the island of Malmön, about two hours north of Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. I think the photos say it all; pure idyll (except the part with the toddler who was totally off his napping routine) and the perfect setting for a wonderful wedding.

Monday, 5 June 2017

life, week 20

Excited for her first little visit to SFO (after-school activity). So very happy to have her friend K from kindergarten starting the same group.

And then another milestone: her first school backpack! Note to self: Pappa also wanted to join in on the milestone (of course, silly me!), so remember to include him when Sverre gets his first school backpack in four years.

Now, can we talk a little bit about the lack of gender neutral school backpack choices? *angry face emoji*

Constitution Day morning duty

outfit of the day

Constitution Day portrait // at least we tried

frolicking around the school yard, looking at the big kids // last year he fell asleep in the pram, right next to a loud marching band

rainy day, badly lit healthy snack of the day // to make up for waaay too much ice cream yesterday - because Constitution day is the official eat all the ice cream you can day // just another epic #iquitsweettreats fail - but who cares?!

because Constitution day leftovers and an evening grading session // of course it's Mövenpick

Ate too much Mövenpick and now I can't sleep... // medaljens bakside er ikke fullt så søt

life and good evening light

because all the (weekend) work is getting to me // just one month left until the two months summer holiday #thelifeofateacher

not pictured: a very, very messy kitchen // but first coffee

My son, the aspiring optimist, tries to figure out a way to sit on a tiny chair. 

University library wall decor // can you see which city it is?

more University wall decor // but why hang it five meters up?

just pretty

Sunny Sunday dinner with Lightning McQueen, Kitty and the corn chewing crew.

He watched the kids all day whilst I graded student midterm papers at Uni, plus he made hamburgers from scratch. I sure do love him to the moon and back. 

thank you and good night

- - -

Week 20: May 15-21


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