Friday, 23 January 2015

things I like lately

from the archives // Parma, Italy // Kodak Portra 160c, Canon EOS 500N

- Mariell's list of blogs she reads
- a hot cup of chamomile tea after a brisk, cold evening walk
- frost and blue skies
- my very warm parka for those cold January days
- beautiful, fleeting winter light
- Sara slept a whole night in her own bed (it does not happen very often these days...)
- Sigdal cripbread with herbs and sea salt, ham and cheese
- empanadas made by the Colombian Spanish teacher at my school
- the fact that every day brings us closer to moving into our house - I'm so looking forward to making my own home again
- snacking on walnuts

- - -

- a busy week of both work and supervised field experiences

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

life, week 3

the traditional Thursday student lunch: komle

We waited two hours for the ferry to take us through the storm. The ferry took an hour longer than usual. Luckily the sea was much calmer than we feared.

Can you see the little moon, Sara? Yes, but where is the daddy moon?

She ordered him to draw Winnie the Pooh. He said he failed. Then she ordered him to draw Spiderman.

My mum helped me kickstart project #astridsdailyworkout again. It is very, very much needed.

- - -

Week 3: January 12-18 // our house renovation, week 20


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