Monday, 22 September 2014

our house renovation, week 3

Monday night date: hanging out in the basement drawing the floor plan of the basement apartment

Bathroom walls, maybe?

My partner in crime for the tile, bathroom and kitchen research.

The tiny digger dug up the mothership rock. Managed to move it next to the lilac bush in the middle of the garden. Hopefully we will be happy with it there, playing the role of bench/play thingy/decor element. 

It was rather challenging getting into the house during the weekend...

Poor garden! One day of rain and it is all a big mud hole.

SO thankful for all the sunny days during this period of digging and drainage work. Also, we reached a milestone at the end of this week: the drainage work is almost done, so we no longer need the digger. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

life, week 37

work space view

papers and pencil in hand, on her way to our afternoon playdate | I love that we are in walking distance from our friends


She's drawing humans! Proud mamma! (Mon tro hva hodefoting er på engelsk?)

The view from where I drink my Saturday morning coffee; Sara by my side, cartoons on the TV.

First meal made in the new house: ham, cheese and cucumber sandwiches - on plates that the previous owner left for us (not a huge fan of them; will put them in the new rental apartment in the basement). PS: our house renovation, week 2

So thankful for all the gorgeous weather lately!

She patiently peeled her own egg and then ate it all.

- - -

Week 37: September 8-14

Saturday, 20 September 2014

things I like lately

from my iPhone archives

- reading about Suzanne's digital rehab
- this autumn list by Tiril
- a rare weekday evening spent on the sofa with my feet up, reading blogs, eating chips, dip and chocolate (life has really become a whirlwind after moving to Stavanger)
- my mum's salmon pasta
- this post by Erin (with half my wardrobe still in boxes, my wardrobe is quite minimalistic these days - and I don't mind at all!)
- visiting kitchen shops to get inspiration for our two new kitchens
- still sandal weather - the weather has been SO good lately; 20 degrees celsius in September is rather unusual
- dry autumn colored leaves on the ground 
- apple cake with vanilla custard at the parent-teacher meeting in Sara's kindergarten
- jaffa cakes at a school meeting
- my friend Ingvild got married - looking forward to seeing the photos by Mariell

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- a feverish Sara
- slow internet connections
- no time or energy to work out
- the never-ending drainage project around our house

- - -

Answers to questions in the comments:

M asked: Har du vært på nuart-festivalen å sett resten av streetarten?
- Dessverre ikke hatt tid til det, men fått rapport fra en nuart-frelst kollega om all dens fortreffelighet :-)

Irene asked: How does it feel for you being a teacher?
- It's overwhelming yet fun. I feel like I have chosen the right new career path. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

our house renovation, week 2

We have been through a lot of renovations, but this is the first time we have rented a digger. 

To say it's a big project would be an understatement.

The front stairs had to go - because of the drainage work.

No plans for these rocks yet, but it will be pretty.

Our Friday date took us to new hights. In other words, we went stairs shopping. (I had no idea stairs are so expensive!) 

Saturday fika by the plum tree. Hopefully it will look even more idyllic in some months when the heaps of gravel, rocks and soil are gone.

My weekend task: separate rocks from soil (på norsk kalt solling).

Not much happening down here yet; need to finish the drainage around the house first. But at least the holes for the new big windows are finished.

Storage room

Big, big heaps of rock and soil everywhere!

Part of the weekend work: moved several small bushes and plants plus started building a small stone fence.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mallorca on film, part IV

Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

An afternoon stroll in the idyllic village of Capdellà, after dinner at Lorena's.


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