Wednesday, 29 June 2016

life, week 25

zzz // can't remember the last time it happened

Monday 4:05 pm • in the car outside Sara's kindergarten • massive rainshower • Sverre is sleeping • #momlife

evening walk // just me - just what I needed

not quite appropriate footwear 

A field of wildflowers in the sunset - SO happy to see this! Just wished I had my film camera to capture it properly.  

8 am kale inspection 

They are so, so good now!

fuel for the flight 


7:30 am nap time pram walk Arctic north version #astridspramwalkdiaries

Thank you sister @marihagen for taking us to this beautiful place! // beach time - Arctic north version

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Week 25: June 20-26

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

beach time - Arctic north version

We spent the weekend in Tromsø visiting my sister, her sweetheart and their toddler son. On Saturday we drove to Brensholmen and spent the day at the beach collecting pebbles and shells (Sara loves treasure hunting like this!) plus admiring the breathtaking landscape. I do wish my sister and her family lived closer to Stavanger (Tromsø is a 3,5 hour flight away); on the other hand it is nice to have an "excuse" to visit Tromsø and the majestic north.

More Arctic north love: summer in the Arctic north // Arctic north love // the Arctic north // hiking: Ørnfløya // post hike lunch: Hella  


Thursday, 23 June 2016

life, week 24

Because a stroll in the sun is always a good idea, especially to chase away gloomy minds.

oh summer // forever inspired by nature

one of my favorite summer flowers

We finally got a waffle iron and I'm hooked.

evening beach stroll with the bestest M

this place

9 months today // oh the endless clutter

Eating liver paté from the box whilst watching "Let it go". Afternoon good times with my 4,5 year old.

So happy to see these two together again.

The cutest tiger came home with me today.

these two 

8:15 am nap time pram walk // why bother with a blanket

home alone at my parents' place - well, no parents but plus (sleeping) kids

this guy

Sometimes it is ok to be inside and watch a movie even though it is a beautiful evening outside. Especially when the rest of the house and garden are a complete mess because of pappa's office summer party last night.

- - -

Week 24: June 13-19



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