Thursday, 17 August 2017

life, week 31

Mamma daughter date on the day before she starts after school activities (SFO).

I like to start my morning with ginger lemon shot, inspired by this.

A few new things for the soon to be school girl. All chosen by her. #dinosaurftw

I planned to document all dinners this week and blog about them. But this is it.


While Sara has her first day of after school activities (SFO), I'm having my first study session of the semester. "Text in context" is on!

I can't believe our basement flooded! Moments before I was frolicking around in the massive rain shower, happily unaware what was to come.

Two laps around the lake whilst catching up with the best @marenlerang. Then a 7 minutes workout session in the garden and a berry avocado smoothie for dessert. And random matching spots of pink in the picture frame. So much goodness in a few evening hours.

coffee in bed, 7 minutes workout done, Sverre and Sølve are already gone, and now breakfast, the paper, Sara and the iPad // I could get used to this kind of mornings

No words needed for the beauty of a cloud like this.

First thing in the morning.

A moment of sibling idyll. Moments later it was loud and not so peaceful. 

For the love of weekend breakfasts. 

"Mamma! Come take a photo of us!"

weekend study session

- - -

Week 31: July 31 - August 6

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Iceland // further east with glacier views

theme of the day: the Vatnajökull glacier

glacier view family selfie fail

glacier lagoon car boat 

I'm glad my mother-in-law chose to wear her Icelandic sweater as it fits so well with the scenery.

lunch with a view // a tiny piece of the Vatnajökull glacier

room with a view // #fosshotelnupar #fosshotel

in the middle of nowhere // #fosshotelnupar #fosshotel

room with a view, part two // #fosshotel #fosshotelvatnajökull

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

life, week 30

because pretty // and life goes on

To hold your grandfathers hand down the stairs.

Mandal bound // goodbye Voss and west coast summer driving

To talk about life and death whilst drinking champagne with the best of friends. The best kind of therapy.

because four hours of sleep

In addition to picking big rocks he also loves jumping from rocks. He found a perfect jumping site right in front of the cabin and was occupied for a minutes.

Such a treat to spend a sunny day by the sea - and on the sea.

McDonald's bound. It was loud and messy, but the kids were happy. And as you know; happy kids equals happy parents.

Saturday 8:50 am // pouring rain on the south coast

A modest 60th celebration before the grand celebration later this autumn.

Too much ice cream during the summer vacation maybe?

- - - 

Week 30: July 24-30

Friday, 11 August 2017

things I like lately

9 years ago! // photo by our friend Espen

- celebrating nine years of marriage to my favorite man
- slowly but surely getting more and more reading of history of Norwegian literature done
- slowly but surely catching up on blogging
- slow mornings - because I'm still in summer vacation mode (this is my last week though)
- getting a big grocery haul done - stocking up for when the real busyness of everyday life starts again next week
- perfectly ripe avocados - I've been lucky with lots of them lately
- perfectly ripe apricot - so sweet and yummy
- experimenting with green smoothies - the one I made today is a winner (spinach, broccoli, green peas, banana, avocado, lime and almond milk)
- sunn mat på budsjett
- snacking on watermelon on a Friday night - project I quit sweet treats is going pretty well
- catching up with friends

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the reason to why we have had the chance to catch up with friends: the funeral of our dear friend. It hurts so bad.

Life goes on, somehow, and other things I don't like lately find their way into our days and weeks, like for example...

- that flooding of the basement that I mentioned last week; apparently the damage isn't minor after all - we need new floors and all that jazz...
- spending all day finding a temporary place to live for our tenants while the floors are being done
- my back is acting up again

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

life, week 29

To share a meal and catch up with old friends who are in town for vacation.

mountain bound // meeting the locals

9 am camp mood // first night in a tent as a family - check! // Week 32 note: more camping photos are coming soon-ish.

4:30 pm beach mood // making the most of sun and proper summer temperatures

Don't be fooled by the alluring beauty of the sun glittering sea. It is SO cold. 

I realised that this was his first proper meeting with a summer beach. He truly loved it. However he did not love to be taken away from the water - even though he was obviously cold; lips blue, shivering like a leaf. 

9 pm garden mood // saving this day for rainy autumn days

8 am puzzles // the easy morning shift 

practicing patience // cooling down on a surprisingly hot day - 27 degrees Celsius is a lot for this family of Norwegians

In 27 degrees Celsius we retreat to the shadows of the plum tree to have lunch.

another day for the memory book

To snack on a bowl of water melon post workout, pre dinner. 

raspberries galore for breakfast on a rainy summer morning

Seems like the cleaning fairy is on vacation. 

Friday night is on!

Saturday 10:30 pm // it's never too late to grill a piece of meat, says Sølve

This day brought us moments of true sibling idyll, that fleeting feeling of true Norwegian summer, and the truly shocking news about our close friend's unexpected sudden death. Life can be so f***ing brutal.

We dried our tears, then cried some more. The car took us to summer fun for the kids who were reunited with cousins and grandparents. That's the contrasts of life; deep sorrow and the peaks of joy in one day.

- - - 

Week 29: July 17-23 


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